Problem Signs

The Signs Every Homeowner Should Look For

How can I know that I have problems in my crawl space?

Most people do not go into their crawl spaces very often, but they should. The only way to know a problem might exist is to take some time to go into the space and look for certain signs.


If you enter your crawl space and notice musty smells, see condensation on duct work, find falling wet insulation, see standing water, notice high humidity levels, or see a lack of a large enough vapor barrier, you may have issues. Likewise, if you find rotten wood, or if you find fungal or mold growth in the crawl space, you may have a problem.


There are also signs you can look for within your home itself. If you have floors that are sloping or are not level or doors and windows that stick, it is possible that you have crawl space problems. Freezing water lines may also be an indicator of crawl space maladies.


If you have noticed any of these indicators and believe you may have problems in your crawl space, call DryTec today. Our team can provide a free estimate and let you know exactly what you may be facing.

How can I tell if I have basement waterproofing problems?

Many people associate basements with musty smells. In some instances, the musty smells in a basement might be nothing, but this is not always the case. Similarly, water stains, wet floors, wet carpet, and wet walls may be signs that your basement is leaking.


Mildew growth on walls or mold and fungus are another tell-tale sign that your basement is not properly waterproofed. Another sign to look for on block or concrete walls is efflorescence – the white deposits of salt that can be left behind by water coming into contact with those materials. Finally, if you have building materials in the basement and they are wet or rotting, the chances are fairly high that your basement is leaking.


If you spot any of these signs, don’t ignore them. Instead, call DryTec and let them take a look. They offer free estimates and can let you know exactly what sort of problems you are facing. Don’t let the problem worsen; instead call DryTec today.

I think my foundation has problems, but how can I tell?

Foundation problems should not be ignored. The longer they are left untreated they tend to get worse.

If you have noticed uneven floors, sticking doors or windows, a leaning chimney, or seen windows separating from brick, your foundation may be at risk. Similarly, if you’ve noticed bowing or cracking basement walls, cracks in interior walls, or cracks in exterior brick, you should contact a foundation repair expert.


Failing retaining walls, separating or splitting fascia boards, failing garage lentils (cracks above the garage door), or stair and stoop cracking are all signs of potential foundation problems. Again, as soon as you see one or more of these, call DryTec the foundation repair expert (706) 978-6038. Postponing a call only leads to more extensive repairs down the road.


DryTec is North Georgia and Chattanooga’s premier residential foundation repair contractor and would be honored to work with you. Call today for a free estimate and get started on repairing your home now.